Design Research

I’ve got a great idea for a new product. Now what?

The first step is filling out an enquiry form on our website and we will get in touch to discuss your idea and how to take it forward. We will brainstorm ideas with you, research other products in the market and will work with you to develop a full brief.

How can I decide whether this is something worth investing in?

We can’t tell you whether something is worth investing in. You will be responsible for your own market research. We can, however, help with consumer testing, help you to define your target market and conduct interviews to evaluate the design concept. We can give you our opinion, based on these interviews and our years of experience, but please bear in mind that knowing which products will be successful isn’t a science. Most people didn’t think the world needed a tablet computer when Steve Jobs launched the iPad.

How do I go about getting the idea out of my head and onto the page?

We can help you with brainstorming, design research and technical advice to help you articulate exactly what the product features need to be.

What will I be able to do once I have outlined my ideas and we’ve developed a specification or brief?

The next step is concept development. This will help us to determine which features should be taken forward for the consideration in the subsequent designs and, of course, the actual product.

Concept Development

What does concept development involve?

In this phase, we will develop multiple concepts for you based on the requirements we have agreed with you. Together, we will compare the comparative strengths and weaknesses of each concept.

How do we compare the relative merits?

This will be determined by your views and requirements, any justification and research we undertook for you during the design research stage, our own skills and experience and any other feedback or research information you provide us with.

What’s next?

Together we will select one or two concepts to take forward for further design and testing. At this stage, we can produce a “look like” model for you. This won’t be a functional model, but it will enable you to get a real sense of what the product will look like.

Concept Design

I’m already clear on what I want and have written a clear briefwhich lists all the product features. I just need you to do the drawings for me.

Fantastic! We don’t insist on brainstorming with you if you don’t need us to. Simply send us your detailed specification and we can get to work. Start by contacting us using our online form.

What do you need to begin work?

We will need to agree the scope of work, agree a price and take a full brief.

How will the concept design be created?

We will generate 2D hand-drawn sketches based on your requirements. Then,once we’ve agreed on certain 2D designs, we will proceed tothe graphic design.

What will it look like?

If we’ve all done our jobs right it will look like the idea you’ve had in your head, even if you weren’t sure what it looked like yourself! We are aiming for an “aha!” moment for you here. Of course, it will be based on the 2D drafts we’ve already produced for you, but in a detailed full-colour representation it should look like much more like a real product.

How much will it cost?

The price varies according to the type and complexity of the product being designed, whether you want a product casing or a full electronic design, and the number of different sketches you would like us to produce.

What if I don’t like the design?

If you don’t like what we’ve produced then, as standard, we will work up to two revisions. If you need more than two revisions, we will need to agree a price for additional work.

I’m not sure what I want, can you provide a selection of different designs from which I may choose?

Yes, we will agree how many designs we will produce for you during our initial consultations. You can pay for as many as you like, but if you are really unsure of what you want we can help narrow down your ideas during the brainstorming and ideation phase.

How many revisions can I have?

As standard, we offer a two-stage revision process. Usually we will need to do one or two little tweaks. It would be highly unusual if you needed more than two revisions. However, if you do want to continue to revise the designs you will need to pay for additional concept design services once we have undertaken two revisions for you.

Design Development

Once we’ve chosen the best concept, what happens next?

Once we’ve narrowed down the design based on the concept designs we have produced for you, the next step is to produce a 3D CAD design of your product.

Aren’t CAD designs expensive?

CAD design is a skilled process, but it is usually less expensive than the concept/ industrial design process. Divine Product Design Studio makes all stages of the process affordable for all businesses.

Why do you need to create a CAD design?

We need to produce a 3D design to make it dimensionally accurate and ready to manufacture.  It also gives you a wonderful opportunity to get a glimpse of what your product will look like.

Do you design the electronics for the product?

Yes, we can design the electronic components for you. However, we don’t have to. We are equally happy to design the outer shell as we are happy for our electronic engineers to get to work for you.

What will the prototype look like? What is it used for?

We can produce a working prototype at this stage, based on the CAD design(if we’re designing the technology for you as well).  Finally having your hands on a working model of your product is a very exciting step!

What else is necessary at this stage?

We will help you identify the production materials for your product at the CAD design stage.  These materials can then be subjected to simulated tests using our computer modelling software to gauge the results of a variety of simulation tests related to heat, stress etc.

Manufacturing Drawings

We’ve developed the CAD designs. What’s next?

Once we have made any necessary tweaks to our 3D CAD designs, the next step will be to develop the manufacturer’s drawings with various tolerances and allowances added to ensure the manufacturer has all the information required to produce your product.

What are manufacturer’s drawings?

The manufacturer’s drawings are detailed to-scale 2D sketches from each elevation.

Why do we need manufacturing drawings? Aren’t the CAD designs enough?

In order to progress to manufacturing your product, you will need to give your chosen contract manufacturer the 2D manufacturer’s drawings. The CAD designs doesn’t have the necessary tolerances and allowances required to produce your product.

What else do I need to do before I can progress to manufacturing?

We can run final material checks for you, if these have not already been done or if you have made any changes to the design or materials.

Can you help me identify the regulations that will apply to my product and its manufacture?

We do not offer legal advice.  You will be responsible for ensuring that your product meets all the necessary health and safety, environmental and other legislation and regulation that pertain to it in the markets in which you intend to sell your product.

I need to raise funds before I can produce my new product – is there anything you can do to help?

We don’t help with angel investment, investors or crowd-funding campaigns.

Can you help me with the manufacturing process?

We don’t offer manufacturing services ourselves as yet.  However, we can help you identify and approach quality contract manufacturers in the vicinity of our offices here in Bangalore.


Will you sign an NDA?

Yes, of course.  We recommend that all clients follow this process with all their suppliers.

Where are you based?

We are based in Bangalore, Southern India.

How much do you charge?

Project prices will vary according to the project complexity, and the number of designs and revisions required. The best way to get a quote is to complete our online form here.

How do I get in touch?

We’re always keen to speak with people with exciting new ideas. Share your ideas with us using our online form, or get in touch by email info@divinethefactory.com

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