“Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away.” 

Steve Jobs, Apple Inc.

Our Vision

We make dreams possible. We seek to bring high-quality Product Design within the reach of all innovators – whoever and wherever in the world you are. We strive to empower would-be entrepreneurs, SMEs and start-ups, enabling you to bring the next generation of breakthrough products to market.

1 Our Completed Projects

Who we are

A talented team of Industrial Designers, Mechanical and Electronics Engineers dedicated to bringing your products to life.

What we do

We help you get your Product Design ideas off the ground by working with you to tease out your ideas and transform them into innovative Design.

How we work

We have a flexible, step-by-step approach to Product Design. We will guide you through the process; you simply choose how much of our help you need.


Design Research

We collect the details of your Idea and your target customers to identify a set of end users’ needs and ensure the correct Product focus. We create a record of requirements and build the case for the product specifications.

Concept Development

 We develop multiple concepts and evaluate their comparative strengths and weaknesses. Together, we will then proceed to select one or more concepts for further testing and development and develop a “looks like” model without any functionality.

Design Development

The design phase incorporates a number of key stages including the Industrial Design (Sketching, Concept Design) and the Technology Design (3D CAD, Electronics, Simulations, 2D Drafting or Manufacturer’s sketches).

Prototype & Testing

We will develop a physical prototype, a fully-functional pre-production version of the product, or the first approximation of the product. We then test the prototype and make modifications to the design if required, before producing a final working prototype.

Our focus is predominantly in the areas of:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Toys and Baby Products
  • Kitchen and Home Gadgets
  • Medical devices

We have a very cooperative and flexible team. If you have a great idea that doesn’t easily fit into one of these categories, please don’t let that stop you talking to us.

We have worked on more than 140 projects, helping them to take another step towards realization, and these projects have been incredibly varied.

We are passionate about bringing creativity and good design to any innovative idea.

 about bringing creativity and good design to any innovative idea.

OUR Process

1) Share Your Idea

We will listen carefully to your product idea to understand your vision. We then share our queries with you so that we all are on the same page.

3) Concept Development

Once we have finalized all the requirements for the product, we will proceed to generate several design concepts. We will test and select the best one according to the technical feasibility and market acceptance of the product.

5) Technology Design

After ID, we will work on the CAD and Internal Electronics Development of the product. We will perform simulations on various product aspects before finalizing the CAD Drawings and Bill of Materials (BOM). In short, we will work on a Design for Manufacturing. Your design is now ready for prototyping and mass production.

7) Batch Manufacturing

Once you approve the prototype, you are ready for small batch manufacturing. We work with partner contract manufacturers, who can work on small quantity runs, so that you can test your product and test the market before mass production.

2) User Research

Once we have taken all the details from you, we will work on product idea feasibility and perform analysis from the end-user perspective.

4) Industrial Design

After finalizing the product features, we will work on industrial design. Here, our main focus will be “how can we make an aesthetically stunning product with a modern look and feel?” We present you with sketches and graphic designs.

6) Prototyping and Testing

After the CAD is finalized, we will make a prototype with the help of different technologies (3D Printing, CNC, Polyurethane etc.) and produce a report of test results. We will make any updates to the CAD files that are

8) Mass Manufacturing

If you are ready to proceed to manufacturing, we will help you select the best manufacturer at an affordable cost. We will collect quotes from different manufacturers (in India and China) and analyze the best fit for the manufacturing of your product.